Thursday, June 28, 2012

NEW: The Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care & Eye Surgery


   On the anniversary of his 35th year illustrating ophthalmic conditions and procedures, ophthalmic artist Stephen F. Gordon releases the Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care & Eye Surgery. Edited by Columbia Eye Consultants’ Timothy Holekamp, M.D., its didactic ophthalmic illustrations depict three decades of eye care history, breakthroughs and innovations to date, including the latest AMD injection approaches.

The atlas was created for the educational needs of a wide range of audiences—including seasoned physicians, new staff, students and patients—as a full-reference compendium to enhance their understanding of all ocular concepts. It comes fully indexed and includes color-tabbed page edges for quick reference.

The book is available in two versions: a premium version on gloss paper for doctors’ use and personal archives, as well as a low vision, large-print edition on low-gloss, non-reflective paper for patients. Educational institution and student discounts are available. For more information, visit Follow the links above to purchase your copy today, and look for more updates on the Atlas coming soon.

Also available at:

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NEW: Hygienist - Patient Consultation Illustrations Portfolio


   The classic dental exam room illustrated portfolio from Dental Artist Stephen F. Gordon - now updated with 6 new topics - same illustrations of the DPCI. Eliminates your struggle to have patients understand his / her problem. Saves valuable time and patients appreciate your clarity.

Subject include:
  • 1. Proper Brushing / Flossing 
  • 2. Primary Teeth 
  • 3. Permanent Teeth 
  • 4. Normal Teeth 
  • 5. Tooth Decay / Repair 
  • 6. Gumline Decay 
  • 7. Pockets & Root Decay 
  • 8. Periodontal Disease A 
  • 9. Periodontal Disease B 
  • 10. Root Canal 
  • 11. Inlays / Onlays 
  • 12. Pins/Posts / Cores 
  • 13. Crown 
  • 14. Bridge 
  • 15. Implants 
  • 16. Removable Partial Denture 
  • 17. Maryland Bridge 
  • 18. Bonding / Veneer 
  • 19. Sealants 
  • 20. Impaction 
  • 21. TMJ 
  • 22. New Denture 
  • 23. Malocclusion 
  • 24. Tooth Formation 
  • 25. Primaries - Why Repair 
  • 26, 27, 28. Why Crown -forces, problems, solution.

Sample Pages

CLICK HERE for more information on, as well as how to order, the new Hygienist - Patient Consultation Illustration Portfolio. Look for more dental patient education products coming soon.