Monday, November 26, 2012

NEW: Customized Dental Wall Chart Posters

   Using revolutionary print-on-demand technology from HP MagCloud, medical artist Stephen F. Gordon is now able to offer Customized Dental Wall Chart Posters, fit for any doctor or clinic.

Using the Dental Wall Chart Unlimited Posters, your clinic or doctor's name can be added to any impact black wall chart. Proudly display your name while educating your patients. Patients will notice, and leave your clinic educated, at ease, and content.

Bundled pricing begins as low as $9.95 per poster - shipped flat and fast. Simply call 1-800-250-4930 for questions or to order. Visit the Dental Wall Charts Unlimited Website for more information, as well as to view the entire selection of Dental Wall Charts.

Monday, November 19, 2012

NEW: Anatomy of the Eye - Exam Room Poster Collection, Large Size

   As part of the Eye Wall Charts Unlimited Poster Collection, Stephen F. Gordon introduces the Anatomy of the Eye - Exam Room Poster Collection, Large Size. Included in this collection are 16, 11" x 17" patient education poster displays on common ocular subjects, including:

  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • The Eye
  • Cornea
  • Angle
  • Crystalline Lens
  • Vitreous Humor
  • Choroid
  • Retina
  • Macula
  • Optic Nerve
  • Eyelids
  • Extraocular Tissues
  • Extraocular Muscles
  • Lacrimal System
  • Bony Orbit
  • Visual Pathway

 Left: The post collection, with hand for size comparison. Right: Sample layout of all 16 posters found in the collection.

 Every page is printed on heavyweight stock paper and bound with wire-o binding, perfect for chairside patient consultation, or for removing pages for wall display.* The collection contains extreme detailed reference for all patient and staff education scenarios - perfect for each exam room for quick and clear consultation. Also perfect for group education presentations. The collection utilizes extra-large size font and illustration for low-vision persons.

Using revolutionary print-on-demand technology, each poster collection is printed and shipped specifically for each customer by HP MagCloud, resulting in the low cost of only $48.95 per collection.

Click here to order you collection today. To add the collection to your cart, click the "Buy in Print" button. In your cart, click "Check Out", fill in the appropriate shipping and billing information, and choose your type of shipping. Your collection will immediately be printed and shipped flat, direct.

As part of the Eye Wall Charts Unlimited Collection, posters are also available for individual purchase. Visit the Eye Wall Charts Unlimited website to view all 36 individual posters for purchase.

* Each poster is printed back to back; order 2 collections to display all posters at once.