New Ophthalmic Products

Below one can view a showcase of newly released ophthalmic patient consultation products, as well as how to purchase these products for your practice. Check back often for updates.

JUST RELEASED:  iOcutouch for iPad!

iOcutouch™ is now available by popular demand! 30 years of the world-renowned, dynamic, gold-standard Ocutouch Animations and Physician-Patient Consultation Illustrations of Stephen F. Gordon for your iPad. The ultimate chairside visual-aid tool for fast, easy, and truly EFFECTIVE one-on-one communication of your eye care concepts to your patients and staff. Perfect on-the-go, intuitively organized, at-a-glance interface. Plus, create savable video playlists to loop over one hour of continuous narrated video programs for waiting room display on Apple TV – or extend with intermission capability. Includes ALL medical eye care and lens benefits subjects, narrated videos, and stills below - one low price – no in-app purchases required. For use on up to 5 of your iPad’s per app purchase.

-  Videos and draw-on Stills, all full screen, for ultimate patient comprehension

-  Eliminates your struggle to have patients understand his/her problem.
-  Saves valuable time - easy to use design.
-  Patients will appreciate your clarity.

The iOcutouch™ app contains 22 animated, narrated, closed captioned videos of both Ophthalmic Medical and Optical Lens Benefits subjects as found in the popular Ocutouch program and PPCI exam room booklets, with many new images added. Each video is about 2 to 4 minutes each, with savable playlist feature.

Medical Subject Narrated Videos:
- Normal Eye
- Refractive Errors
- Cataracts and IOL’s
- Glaucoma
- Vitreous and Retinal Detachment
- Macular Degeneration
- Corneal Transplantation
- Diabetic Retinopathy
- LASIK (flying spot) with Eye Tracking/Wavefront Scanning
- LASIK (broadbeam)
- RK, Astigmatic Keratotomy and Limbal Relaxation Incisions

Includes over 100 of the best, dynamic, didactic, full screen Medical Eye Still Images of all the subjects above with Draw-on-Screen capability, plus additional still image subjects:
- Anatomy
- Extraocular Muscles and Orbit
- Lacrimal System and Lid conditions

Optical Subject Videos:
- Computer Lenses
- Progressive Lenses
- Ultraviolet Treatment
- Scratch Resistant Lens Coating
- Presbyopia
- Anti-Reflecting Coatings
- Polarizing Lenses
- Modern Eyewear Lenses
- Tinted Lenses

Simply THE BEST eye care education at the BEST PRICE! Launch priced at 50% OFF for a limited time. Just click the Apple App Store icon below to start using iOcutouch now!

JUST RELEASED:  The Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care & Eye Surgery


   On the anniversary of his 35th year illustrating ophthalmic conditions and procedures, ophthalmic artist Stephen F. Gordon releases the Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care & Eye Surgery. Edited by Columbia Eye Consultants’ Timothy Holekamp, M.D., its didactic ophthalmic illustrations depict three decades of eye care history, breakthroughs and innovations to date, including the latest AMD injection approaches.

The atlas was created for the educational needs of a wide range of audiences—including seasoned physicians, new staff, students and patients—as a full-reference compendium to enhance their understanding of all ocular concepts. It comes fully indexed and includes color-tabbed page edges for quick reference.

 Subjects Include:
  • The Normal Eye
  • Refraction & Refractive Errors
  • Cataracts & IOL's
  • Glaucoma
  • Vitreous & Retina (with RD/AMD/DR/PVR)
  • Cornea & all Refractive Surgeries
  • Extraocular Conditions
  • Complete Anatomy of the Eye & Orbit

Features Include:
  • Over 600 Full-Color, Large Full Page illustrations in 350 pages
  • LARGE PRINT EDITION for Low Vision
  • Color-Tabbed for Quick Reference
  • Complete Index
  • Perfect for Exam Room consultations, Medical Schools/Libraries, Patient Education, Staff Education/Training, surgical planning reference, Optical Dispensary, Home, Office, Conference, Waiting and Dilating Rooms. Ultimate gift for colleagues, staff, all eye care professionals, or anyone with an interest in the Human Eye.

 The book is available now in two versions:

Educational institution and student discounts are available. For more information, visit Follow the links above to purchase your copy today.

Also available at:

         Special Price - Premium Paper

JUST RELEASED: New & Improved Additions to the Eye Care Exam Room Portfolios


   Patient education artist Stephen F. Gordon announces the release of new and improved versions of his classic eye care exam room portfolios - The Physician Patient Consultation Illustrations (PPCI) and The Optometrist Patient Consultation Illustrations (OPCI).

New Features Include:
  • Sturdy and easy-to-flip-back wire binding 
  • Heavier 80# cover-weight, card-thickness stock for all pages, for sturdier use 
  • By popular demand, the addition of Trabeculectomy (see below) 

Added by popular demand, a clear, concise Stephen F. Gordon illustration depicting the concept of Trabeculectomy. This full-color, full-page plate is now included in all online orders of the Physician-Patient Consultation Illustrations and Optometrist-Patient Consultation Illustrations exam room portfolios, along with the new heavier cover weight stock and sturdier wire binding. With this addition, artist Stephen F. Gordon hopes to now round-out the glaucoma series of illustrations for more complete coverage of the pharmaceutical, laser, and surgical treatment approaches to glaucoma in the All-Subjects PPCI and OPCI portfolios.

Click the covers below to order your new and improved exam room portfolio today!

  Physician-Patient Consultation Illustrations                Optometrist-Patient Consultation Illustrations

JUST RELEASED: Eye Wall Charts Unlimited Poster Displays

   Today, the Stephen F. Gordon blog showcases 126 new eye education poster displays as part of the creation of Eye Wall Charts Unlimited. Using his world-renowned dental education art and physician-approved descriptions, artist Stephen F. Gordon has put together 126 different, 12" x 18" posters on varying subjects, including:

  • General Anatomy of the Eye  (contains 8 posters)
  • Cataracts  (contains 16 posters)
  • Glaucoma  (contains 23 posters)
  • Refractive Errors  (contains 10 posters)
  • Refractive Surgery  (contains 20 posters)
  • Retina / Vitreous  (contains 31 posters)
  • Eyelids / External  (contains 9 posters)

Sample posters from each of the 7 core poster series. Clockwise from top: Refractive Errors, Glaucoma, Eyelids / External, Retina / Vitreous, Refractive Surgery, Cataracts & General Anatomy of the Eye.

In addition to the core posters listed above, 4 other separate series have been created for maximum functionality:
  • The Opth-Art Series  (9 posters of non-educational, decorative wall, eye art)
  • The Physician-Patient Consultation Illustration Series  (2 posters with 15 plates of all subjects for patient education reference)
  • The Modern Eyecare Series (5 educational posters with white backgrounds and sleeker fonts, suitable for a more modern-styled office)
  • The What is...? Educational Series  (2 posters explaining the ins and outs of their respective subjects)

Clockwise from top: sample posters from The Opth-Art Series, The Modern Eyecare Series, The What Is...? Educational Series & The Physician Patient Consultation Illustration Series.

Each subject is produced on a black background for maximum visibility and clarity amongst low-vision patients while hanging on the wall. Each poster comes printed on 80# cover-weight stock paper with UV gloss coating, and are suitable for hanging in nearly any environment - from the waiting room to the exam room.

Using revolutionary print-on-demand technology, each poster is printed and shipped specifically for each customer by HP MagCloud, resulting in the low cost of only $14.95 to $18.45 per poster.

To order online, simply the Eye Wall Charts Unlimited website, where you can view the full selection of posters. When ready, simply click on a dental wall chart and select "Buy in Print" on the next screen to add it to your cart.  From the cart, click your "Back" button twice to return here to continue shopping.  When all choices are complete, simply go to "Check Out" in your cart and provide your shipping address, payment method, and shipping choice. Your posters will be printed and shipped flat, direct.


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