Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some Kind Words

In preparation for the coming release of iOcutouch, we thought we'd share some recent kind words we recently received from one of our customers regarding Ocutouch:

   "I have been practicing for 20 years and Mr. Gordon's Ocutouch software is the very best software  
    out there, hands down.After 2 years of researching all the educational products out there, Mr. 
    Gordon's Ocutouch is far far superior in every single aspect.

    It is amazing in the exam rooms, waiting room and optical and it is the most inexpensive 
    optometry product you will ever purchase. And the value far exceeds any and all other educational 
    products on the market, none come even close. I could tell you all the details, but get a free demo 
    and see for yourself. I guarantee you will be amazed! and wonder why you spent all on your   
    money on something else or didn't use this program in the first place.

    And the support is unbelievable, almost of the time Mr. Gordon either picks up the phone and 
    walks you through any issues and/or immediately emails whatever is needed to solve any issues, 
    which it is never a software issue just sometimes a tweaking of your operating system.

    And the program even has an I & R contact lens video that we let the patient's watch in our 
    contact lens area. Not only is Mr. Gordon's Ocutouch the most functionally effective 
    optometry/optical educational video out there (better even the most expensive ones) it is the most 
    professionally done and even fun and easy for our patients to watch.

    Thank you,
    Dr. Gary Enker / WORLD Eyeglasses & Personal EyeCare"

Thanks for the praise Dr. Enker, and thanks to all of our customers and users of Ocutouch for your valuable input!

iOcutouch, Ocutouch for iPad, will be released soon! Keep checking the Stephen F. Gordon Med Art Blog for more updates!

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